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08 June 2022

I visited the 5 most beautiful beaches of Northern Cyprus for you;

I was full of sea, sand and sun.

I wrote down the things that didn't escape my attention in my diary.

I hope everyone who reads these beaches

there is a chance to see it with your eyes :)

I woke up very early today. In the morning, watching the sunrise was truly mesmerizing. I took my beach bag that I prepared with me and set off to spend time on the beach until sunset.

My first stop is Long Beach :)

I had read about Long Beach, one of the most important beaches of Northern Cyprus, in an article in Forbes magazine. I thought it should be experienced right after reading it. This is much more than what is written in the article…

Most preferred by tourists and the locals of Northern Cyprus.

It's almost like there's nothing you can't find on this beach that stretches for 3-4 km.

The beach, the enchanting view, the sea and of course the sun…

If they list the most exclusive beaches in the world, I think Long Beach would definitely be in the first place.

This isn't the Maldives, it's the Glapsides Beach

Glapsides Beach, which leaves even the Maldives in the shade with its immaculate beach, is one of the places where you cannot easily find an empty sunbed in the summer months...

When you step into the sea, the water does not get deep easily; After going almost 20-30 meters, it reaches on to the shoulder level. I would love for you to witness how time flows like water on this beach where you can easily see the bottom of the glass-clear sea :)

A forbidden zone on one side,

unlimited freedom on the other side…

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is the only beach to be counted in the center of the city. On one side of this beach, at the bottom of the closed Maraş, is the pleasure of the sea, and the other side is a historical view… There is also a harbor here where touristic and private yachts dock and fishing boats are located. I can say that Palm Beach is one of the most frequented spots of Northern Cyprus with its liveliness throughout the day. At least that's how it was for me

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