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Architect of NorthernLAND Unique Living Spaces
People want to feel privileged and special wherever they live. Especially if he is making a new investment, breathing this difference and comfort turns into a much more special feeling.

This is how NorthernLAND was born.

We set out to offer you unique living spaces in one of the most privileged geographies of the world, northern Cyprus, where you will feel privileged.

We have beautified both our way and our journey.
Since 2003, we have grown our business and our family.
We have been home to thousands of people from all over the world, we have created new living spaces intertwined with nature, we have shed light, we have given voice, and we have multiplied with passion.

We considered each building, which was basically our mortar, sweat, and dream, as our own living space, we loved it again every morning, and we were proud of every job we did.

While working innovative, pioneering and always focused on customer satisfaction, we have accepted quality and trust as the primary value.

NorthernLAND is one of the most successful construction companies in Northern Cyprus today. Our real pride is our meticulous, responsible, innovative and contemporary approach that never embarrasses those who trust our company.

NorthernLAND has succeeded in raising its original designs, service and construction quality above Cyprus standards.

NorthernLAND, carries out its work at the international level of construction and management excellence.

NorthernLAND, has a vision that brings profit to both its country and its investors.

Of course, self-sacrificing teamwork and a strong team spirit are the basis of every success.

We look forward to meeting you as we thank all our stakeholders with whom we work and share their dreams for the future.

Come, join this beautiful family, come share our unique living spaces.





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